Guide to Trading in SimCity BuildIt


If you are a big fan of SimCity BuildIt and enjoying building, then you should definitely know the in’s and out’s of trading in this game. The game is easy to play and you can also connect with your friends who are on facebook and also play the game. This game can be played offline as well as online and gets saved when you connect to the internet. Here you will find a complete guide about the trades of SimCity BuildIt and how you can ace the game like a pro.

The auction is where you will see the other side of the trade groups. There are also auctions which are held for a group of players where only the trusted players are invited. A number of money participants are willing to spend will be stated once the auction begins and as the bid goes higher, they will slowly drop out one by one, till only one remains.

Some people create fake accounts and list deals that are too good to be true. It is best to stay clear of those people as they may not be playing fairly. It is best not to enter into any type of dealing with such people as they throw off the open market system and pull down the quality of the game. In general, such people will use the BuildIt logo as their photo.

If large deals of around and about $100,000 are spent, you will be able to see coin deals.

If a particular buyer is looking for coins in payment, here are some things that you can do:

  • At the start, the seller will list the burgers for the full price.
  • Next, the buyer will buy them.
  • Once the buyer has bought it, he will them list them again for only $1.
  • It will be bought again by the seller for $1.

This way the buyer will get his cash and also the original burger. This process can be done as many times as possible for many coins.

If you are a beginner at SimCity BuildIt, the first thing that you need to do is get into one of the large general groups out there. Once you are in, you can make friends and gradually climb into the secret chat group. From there you might even get the chance of entering the super secret chat group with around 1,000 members. If you make some good trades there, then you will be let into their circle of secrets.

Simcity buildit hack tool is available to be used when you find yourself running short on SimCash. It is a quick way to earning money without having to wait around. SimCity BuildIt can be played on both Android as well as Apple devices and is said to be quite proficient in the way it works. As a mayor, you can run a city that will either cheer you on or drag you down.

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