Cancellation and return on human flights


Many people always ask me how the cancellation and return process works with human flights. I have decided for all of my foster families and others who have questions about canceling and refunding human flights, so I look forward to answering them here. If you have to cancel a flight before your departure date, some of the benefits of using the airline include the fact that these flights are refundable, airline fines and fees. Most flights on the Internet are non-refundable, but human flights are not in that category.

If you want to make a refund on missionary and humanitarian flights differently than most flights and cancel and claim reduced airline fines and fees. These are not 100% total refunds for your flight, but they are very helpful as most other flights are non-refundable. There are also many other benefits to using aviation. Human flights are subject to change, and often the first change after departure is much less than a regular flight, as there are no airline penalties. Also, since human flights can only be accessed by a mission and adoption travel agent, you can expect better services than buying your flights online.

The cancellation process for humanitarian and missionary flights may take up to six weeks before you can see the refund on your credit card. However, many people find that their return will take about two or three weeks after the cancellation. There will be many payments and credits for any type of refund, and you will often need to add costs and credits that must be equal to the amount specified for your refund.

Sometimes a foster family just needs to cancel their return flight for various reasons and at other times reschedule for another airline. This is a matter when the family is very grateful for the availability of printed flights and human flights. Human flights may be reimbursed even for the return portion. This is always a partial refund, a small airline fine and fees, but it still helps a lot to keep some of the offenses going.

In general, families who use human flights, especially adoption trips, are very happy if they want to make a difference on the day of their return. Sometimes families are forced to cancel their flights for an adoption trip, and when they do, they are always thankful that they use human flights more than they can handle.

I hope this helps answer some of your questions!

Good luck!

Tabita Lovell, International Travel Manager