Reno’s intellectual property


Just think, Reno is no better than the nickname “the largest city in the world.” Although small in size, there is much to offer. In addition to being the perfect place to try your luck, Reno is also a great destination if you like adventure sports like skiing. While Art Apionados may head to one of the many galleries to explore some of the wonders of nature, nature lovers can visit the zoo to admire the biodiversity.

Another unconventional feature of Reno is the large number of museums that provide insights into the country’s rich heritage. It is filled with such wonderful facilities that you can go there with your family and friends for fun. If you are planning a cheap flight to Reno, check out this list of museums you can visit to make your holiday even more enjoyable.

A tip on American car heritage

If you are still looking for reasons to book airline tickets to Reno, the hunt will end at the National Automobile Museum. What more could be said about one of the largest car exhibitions in the country? A large collection of more than 200 four-wheeled machines ranged from 100-year-old racing cars to Frank Sinatra, JFK, John Wayne and Rock King and Roll himself, all from one-wheeled cars to the Harvest. Elvis Presley. What does this site do if it does not have “Wow”?

Love for art

If you are in Reno and consider yourself a small fan of art, then you should not miss a visit to the Nevada Art Museum. Thousands of pieces of art are classified as permanent landscape photography, Great Western art, modern art and work ethic. There is so much to appreciate here that a whole day may seem a little too short.

Everything under one roof

The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum, known for its easy-to-find discoveries, is a life-long educational institution in the fields of science, mathematics and the arts. It covers an area of ​​about 65,000 square feet[65,000 sq m]. If you travel with children and want to have fun and learn at the same time, this is a place you will not miss. The site has a large collection of adults who can enter nature under the stars and experience nature in a sophisticated way.

Nevada’s true heritage

If there is a place in Reno that includes the state of Nevada and its heritage, that is the WM Cake Museum. Early in Nevada, he spoke of mining through a fascinating collection of minerals, fossils, soil, and many other artifacts. The exhibition of over 15,000 pieces also includes a spectacularly complex collection of macaroni silver.