My travel agent is a scammer and other scary stories


A recent article on CNN listed a woman who suffered from various illnesses during her vacation because of a “bad travel agent.” The plane ticket she bought was not refundable or refundable. The hotel does not raise her to a better room. The car did not have unlimited distance. She says that the travel agent did all this to get a large commission. And the list goes on …

As a traveler, the first reaction was that she had a good chance of getting upset and upset because her vacation was not wonderful. As a travel agent, did she ask for any of those items when she first met with the travel agent?

We are not mind readers. We are very good at screening our customers to find out what they like, dislike and prefer. But the client plays a big part in the process.

To understand how to make the best use of a travel agent, you need to understand how a travel agent works.

During the “good days,” travel agents will receive travel agents from airlines, hotels, cars, and resorts on behalf of customers. With the advent of the Internet, these Commission checks began to disappear. Regular airlines (without hotels or car rentals) are generally not commissioners. This means that the travel agent will not be reimbursed for the time and effort he or she spends on your research. Just booking airline tickets is really a waste of money for the travel agent. However, many good agents continue to register these flights as a sign of goodwill, hoping that others will bring their flights.

Your budget will depend on the type of airline and airport you receive. If you are on a tight budget, you will probably get non-refundable airline tickets and hotel rooms that will not be upgraded. Before you buy, be sure to discuss your budget options and the pros and cons of your airline, car and hotel. Keep in mind that your travel agent may receive a higher commission on refunds / improvements, so buying non-refundable tickets will certainly not benefit the travel agent.

If you want to use the airline or hotel points for improvement, be sure to tell your agent in advance. That way, he (or she) can get you the best deal possible.

Your travel agent may be a valuable asset when planning your next trip or vacation. If you do not ask directly as a consumer, you have a responsibility to make information voluntarily.

Questions to ask your agent

1. Do you require any study or other fees?

2. Will you work with me if there are issues?

3. Do you work with any companies that make me pay for my vacation?

4. Is there a 24/7 phone number if there are critical issues?

Questions to ask your agent

1. What areas of travel are most appealing?

2. What kind of budget do you have?

3. What kind of travel do you like – air, ship, all-inclusive, etc.?

4. Do you have airline seat options?

5. Smoking or smoking in hotel rooms (if applicable)?

6. What level of service do you expect – budget, 5 stars, etc.?

7. Request a visa and passport for international travel.

Wonderful vacations begin with detailed planning. So, connect with your travel agent and start planning your next dream trip.